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Chez Xavier at your service

Why choose us, in six points!

Seven days a week

We offer a wide range of schedules, every day of the week and even on weekends

A course of two to five people

Groups are up to five people

Adapted to your mother tongue

Your teacher speaks English, Japanese and Korean, knows your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary difficulties

For all generations


Our classes for children and teenagers are particularly adapted

to young people schooled in France

Affordable rates

The prices are all inclusive: there is no registration fee and the school provides you with

the study documents.

No textbook to buy: the school produces its own documents

Easy access


Lessons take place four minute walk from the station Boucicaut

on line 8, in the fifteenth arrondissement of Paris. Other public transport: bus 62- Félix Faure, 39 -Duranton 42 - Lourmel -Félix Faure

How to register, in three easy steps

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    나에게 맞는 프로그램 고르기

    성인반 / 중고등반 / 어린이 집중반

    성인반은 인텐시브 코스로 말하기와 쓰기, 델프준비, 문화 역사 등

    다각도로 불어 실력을 늘릴 수 있는  다양한 프로그램들로 이루어져 있습니다

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    KAKAOTALK ID: chezxavier

    LINE ID: chezxavier


    +33 (0)7 83 60 15 78

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    8, rue Jean Maridor 75015 Paris